The crafting of leather – an art as old as man- metaphorically joins past and present, evoking insight tied to our experience. Things made by hand: this is the hallmark of a new low-tech concept that shuns all chemical treatments, reviving forgotten skills and giving products a patina that immediately lends them a familiar air, like inseparable companions on the long journey of life.

The family of stylized figures – man, woman, child, dog – embroidered with the same colourful waxed thread we use to stitch our products, is the naïf decorative motif linked to the spirit of our very first items, and over the years it has come to symbolize our brand. Used alone, the little stick figure appears on every product to signal the style of the collections: low-key elegance that is renewed season after season yet never loses its ties with tradition. Because it is based on the solid values of natural materials and ancient craftsmanship. Classic, yet distinguished by a hint of “naturalism” linking the products to the origins of a brand created through the pleasure of working with our hands. This little stick figure, embroidered in big stitches, unites “doing” with “playing”. It tells a story that, after twenty years, has remained the same but has always discovered new expressions.

HB - the Italian Handmade

In the early Eighties, a group of friends on the island of Elba started to assemble, almost by chance, belts and bags in natural cowhide and recycled materials. They created handmade, unique and now-legendary items like the Spazzatura belt, decorated with recycled waste, the Tribù belt, embroidered with a family of stylized stick figures, and the collection made using recycled cans commissioned by Comme de Garcons. This entertaining pastime took a serious turn, and the Henry Beguelin brand was born; however its spirit has never changed: objects crafted by hand with ancient mastery, timeless pieces that are always current because they go beyond the concept of short-lived “fads” to become the expression of real luxury.