Tullio Marani

I have always loved challenges.
I believe that handing down a legacy to our children’s children is a fascinating challenge.
And I am convinced that finding a place for this story in a modern age blinded by the glitter of fashion is an even more fascinating challenge. 
Aesthetic research through quality is not a commercial operation, but it undoubtedly has its own connoisseurs.
A tribe of loyal followers works day after day to produce quality through its very own efforts. This is the work of hands that shape, stitch and cut leather to render it a lifetime companion. Shoes, bags, belts, objects and furniture thus become inseparable items that accompany us along the eventful path of life.
In and of itself, the object may seem unimportant. But when it becomes a sign, one that joins the others populating our existence, it adds to the quality of our lives.