Francesca Boutique and Henry Beguelin

We had the pleasure to celebrate 50 years of class and elegance of Francesca Boutique in Cremona and the beginning of our exclusive collaboration with Francesca and her daughter Cristina, The party was amazing, we really thank all the people who came in this beautiful store founded in 1967 by Francesca's passion for haute couture inherited by the female figures of her family, all seamstresses and embroiderers. The innate good taste of Francesca has led her to discover over the decades great emerging Italian and European fashion talents, conferming the boutique as a real avant-garde institution in town. After important collaborations, Francesca now features a new Henry Beguelin corner together with renowned brands such as Missoni, Brunello Cucinelli, Ermanno Scervino, Cividini and Pugnetti. 

A special thanks also to the tasteful organic production offered during the party by the company Azienda Agricola Malintesa owned by Francesca's family.

Montenapoleone Synergy : Fashion & Wine

Montenapoleone Synergy : Fashion & Wine

Masari 005.jpg

This week we are happy to celebrate the new harvest with a glass of great Masari wine in our boutique in Via Montenapoleone 9, Milan. We had the pleasure to have Ms. Arianna Tessari from Masari as our guestwho explained the history of the company and of its renowned wines.

Masari is situated in the Agno Valley, the heart of a high potential wine-making area with terrains that are intact and protected by the Dolomites in the northeastern Italy. The volcanic soil gives a mineral nature and expressiveness to the wines, while the limestone soil gives them fullness and complexity. Thanks to the perfect location of the vineyards perfectly inserted in this ecosystem among the woods, and to the cool and breezy climate with excellent day-to-night temperature swings during summer, the Agno Valley has ideal conditions for producing wines rich in personality and elegance. 

In our boutique you can taste a selection of three wines: Leon, elegant and subtle, made from Durella grapes, Agnobianco,  fragrant and captivating, made from Garganega, Durella and Riesling grapes, and Masari, enfolding and noble, probably the excellence of the Agno Valley, made from Cabernet and Merlot grapes.

We really thank Masari for this fruitful collaboration.


Boutique Via Montenapoleone 9

Pop&Art Show in K35, Moscow

Pop&Art Show in K35, Moscow

Henry Beguelin and Avant Toi, in K35 art-gallery two views on art and Italian design came together.